textures wont show up when I press P

This question may have been asked a thousand times over. I can’t seem to figure out why is it that when I press P to play my game i’ve been working on the textures wont show. In fact not even all the walls show up very well. I’m using quite a few texture nodes so is that a problem? Or is there something I need to do? Any help is appreciated!

this could have a few reasons, maybe you should post either a blend or a screenshot or something other that helps illustrate your problem.

I would guess that either your normals are in the wrong direction and you haven´t ticked double sided or maybe you enabled glsl but didn´t assign the textures in the material…but just a guess.

This is what it looks like when I press p. I have about 4 texture nodes per designated material. The floors have their own, the walls going in the y axis have their own, and so do the ones going the x axis. Any suggestions?

Also this is what it looks like via rendering

well one of your problems is that you can see through the walls a little on the edges. You can fix that by going into edit mode, selecting the faces that you can see through hit “W” and go to Flip Normals

Post you blend file (can host it here). make sure you pack all textures (File / External Data / Pacl into .blend file)

Make sure you are in textured mode. It looks like you are currently in shaded mode. This can be changed via a drop down in the 3D view header (In the screen shot it is a white ball).

Yea what Kupoman said, textures don’t show if they are not in textured mode

I have a couple images that show the file in texture mode with the same problem occurring also I’m attaching the blend file. Am I suppose to back it or something? If so how does one go about doing that? Or how in my case would I?



maze_texture.blend (514 KB)

I’ll try this out also.

Ok I flipped the normals on all the walls that were not showing up correctly! Thanks for that info very much! I still do not see the textures, which means what? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You must switch to Blender Game and then to GLSL mode.

I set it to blender game and glsl mode and the white image is what it looks like. It should resemble more of the other image that is textured image. Any ideas?

Yes the problem is the most things that work in the render engine are not working in the game engine.
Node Textures are not working in the BGE. Only material nodes are working. You must load the textures with “Image or Movie”

Okay I understand. Do you know whats the best way to do that with a bunch of walls going in different directions? Should I make the texture on a plane, render it, then add it? I can give you the file if you want to play around with it for a sec?

You can do it so as you described. Some renders here own textures. Some download the textures for the internet. Some use a painting tool to make here own textures. It is up to you how to make the textures. The only important thing is that the textures are seamless.