Hi . I have a problem with pepakura . When I try to import an .obj blender file it has no textures or any kind of color . I tried to enable the “set material to faces” but it gives me only the gray textures of blender . P.S. I have textures/colors on my blender file . Can anyone help me with this ?

Sorry, but an obj file does not have any material or color, it’s white always

Really ? I didn’t know that . Thanks . Do you know any way to get these textures ?

if the file you want to import is with textures, you can get them, or try to import another file (fbx, 3ds,(if they are some))

Im sorry if it’s not very specific, but I am not a pro of textures

I don’t know how but I opened my .obj file and the textures were there (sort of my textures)

I’m sorry, but you will have to ask this question to another person, because personally, I’ve never imported textures in 3d software :laughing:
I know only a few thing for that

Maybe look a tutorial in the web or youtube

Thanks :+1: . I tried to search something but I didn’t find anything . That’s why I am here .

XD, Sorry for telling you that so (I could have think a bit) :sweat_smile:
Then I wish you good luck to find something (or someone)
I’m not familiar with pepakura…

Thanks again and sorry for losing a bit if your time . Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:

don’t worry about that, I’m actually a bit bored :joy:
So I go there try to answer people for their questions… :laughing:
Have a nice day too

An .obj file alone does not contain any information about textures. For that its companion format .mtl is used. AFAIK, Blender does try to load the material information from an associated .mtl file if it’s present. If there is no such file, then you’ll have no textures.

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Thank you . I made an .mtl file and it did worked .

:+1: Crucial info! :+1:

Sorry Just saw this…Make sure that when you save the OBJ file out of Blender Set these as export settings…( save as OBJ…only one that works well…)
and it should have the textures enabled when you open the .obj in Pepakura…if for some reason it still fails…( mesh Problems) then you can go into the setting>

and manually bring in the textures…and the will save inside the PDO.

Holler at me if you still have problems…

For materials, OBJ file also have MTL file. And generally only diffuse textures work properly with OBJ file.

Yes , thank you . It worked . But when I import it in pepakura and then click on print preview the textures are not the same as in the pepakura program . Is there any solution for this or is it just from the program and I should try with different colour ( I use light gray for this ) ?

Hmmm…That really shouldn’t happen…they should be exactly the same in both windows since the preview comes from Pepakura…
The only thing I can think of could be the transparency settings, but not even that should produce totally different colors…You just did a grey fill on the texture file, correct?

Before you get any further in this…you need to clean up the un-fold portion…see where the lines are darker here and there? Those are overlaps they will not print so that you can cut this out…and allow you to cut down the tab lengths before assembly.
It does take a lot of work but will be a better card model in the end.
The best workflow is to add seams in Blender which allows you to control the unfold, then in Pepakura…you can join and split until you have a nice clean unfold.
If you want to, save the PDO and send it and I can take a look at it…