anyone know where i can get some good textures other than google beacuse google does not have what im looking for…

Mayang’s Free Textures: http://www.mayang.com/textures/


you could start with the blender texture fest sticky in the news and chat forum…

That works too, but I just use Mayang’s.

paprmh- You nedd to rerender your avatar using osa. :wink:


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d_m: actuallly it was rendered with osa but most of the artifacts that you see are a byproduct of the gif transparent background - mostly it was an exercise to see how long of an animation that I could get and still stay under the 8k limit. moot point anyway cause the blenkey.blend died with my last harddrive…

BACKUPS… WE don’t need no stinking backups…
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Oh. Sorry. It looked like you had rendered w/out osa.

d_m :expressionless:

I would recomend you download this texture package. Its what I use and I find it very helpful. http://www.planetquake.com/berneyboy/textures.htm

Everything you will ever need in one spot: