I have a good Stone image texture, but how do I get it to look real? What I mean is, I have it mapped to nor and color, but it is really streched out (it’s a huge pane) if I set it to checker the texture is checkered, so there is no randomness to it. How do I make the texture look like real stone, or is there a better meathod than an image?

P.S. the stone goes to a patio scene.

try setting the mapping to cube. that should work. if not, UV map it. There’s a couple of UV mapping tuts in my sig. they are a little old, but they should give you the basic idea.

How does UV mapping work? I never got that… Guess that sort of thing would help…

Another thing to do is verify that the texture is “tileable” which basically means that the edges on the right will match up the edges on left. And the edges at the top match to the edges on the bottom.

It doesn’t take away from large space duplication, and seeing “patterns” problem, but it helps to hide the jarring effects of an edge that isn’t tileable.

Check out this gimp tutorial an making tileable images.

It might help. especially if you aren’t into doing UV mapping yet.

THe image is tileable: it just repeats and looks stupid

There was a tutorial on using tiling wall textures without making them look repeating (you might want to search for it). Basically you would use two rock textures with a cloud texture as a stencil between them. If you set the size x,y,z of the two textures to different values and adjust the cloud texture you can hide the tiling.