I got in to blender for two main reasons (well…). I’ve always kind of been enthrowed by the “the making of the movie” section (often specifically CGI.) Also, I would love to make movies.
Now, I don’t really have a whole lot of extra money to through around, and I’ve pretty much always been told that 3-D animation softwere is really expensive. Well, then I found Blender, WOW. I bought it off E-Bay for under $11! (Soon I found out I could of just donloaded it, but whatever.) So, it was wonderful, I got it in the mail. Now, I often learn programs (not 3-D animation) simply by pushing things and seeing what happens.
Now, this didn’t work so well for Blender. Blender had more things to push, and quite a few commands
Then, I began to get a bit frustrated*. In despair, I pushed “Help” on the tool bar. Now, often, I’ve found, “help” doesnet always really help.
Blender was different.
I discovered the wonderful community in the Blender world, and learned very quickly. Now, as a relitivly new blender user, I ask for your help to add something to the community. Once you learn the modeling basics, you can model almost anything (with practice), but now, with a goal of realism, I run in to the barrier of textures. I realize that photos can work sometimes, however, I wonder how often photos are really necessary.
My goal here is to set up a fairly comprehensive index of textures (rather similar to the “every texture known to man” in the wiki book’s Noob to Pro tutorial set (wonderful by the way), only bigger. Texturing, I realize more and more is a key aspect of realism. There is a forum page (http://www.freewebs.com/abcwebd/textureforum.htm however I am totally more than OK if you want to help out on this forum (for one thing, it probably gets a whole lot more traffic).
So far, their really aren’t any textures (though I hope to be in contact with the artists that did the “every texture known to man” and try I get them to let us use it), and any and all help would be wonderful. Also, for the very experienced Blender artist, I would love to know, about how often you use photo texturures.
Thanks, Abc

PS- Once we start to get some people saying they are interested, I’ll try to get something going to hold all of them on. For now, just say, what the texture is, and maybe give us an image of a model you used it on (optional).


For the love of God, use the ‘preview post’ button! :ba: :spin: :eek:

I think you mean something like this: http://www.blender-materials.org

that… was hard to read… and you can probably guess why… @__@

O, oops. I copyed it from a word document, so I guess that doesent work too well. It apparently stuck in at quite a few places what font I was using. OK, is this any better?

ok, so are you interested in the MATERIALS or in TEXTURES, well to be honest, you should be interested into both, anyways… :slight_smile:

Yes, basically I want both (for those that need both (which is probobly pretty much everything)). I am primarily interested in photorealism, for right know anyway, but I’m OK with whatever we can get!

heres something useful you might want to check out: