hi guys. i have modeled a house with 2 windows and one door in one objeck… is it possible to add different textures for front wall, for windows seperatelyn and for door??


There is a way,

  • Select just the house, leave the windows and the door unselected.
  • Unwrap the house and select the image you want to use as a texture.
  • Next, deselect the house, and select only the doors. Unwrap those and select a different image you want to use. This will texture the door.
  • Last, select the windows, unwrap them and select the third image, this will texture the windows.

You should end up with one mesh using 3 textures.
I hope I was helpful.

Fort Ash

are u sure that this is happening? cause i couldnt make it like this.

under Shading click texface button on

F5 => Map Input panel => UV

You have to tell Blender to map the images to the UV coordinates.