Hey Blenderheads!
I am new on BlenderArtists as this is the second time i have actually used it after i made my account…
Please excuse me if this is the wrong place to post all this, but i just read " Work in Progress " and thought it must be the right place anyways to discuss it.
I am pretty new to blender and have used it for about 4 months now.
This is a texture i came up with using CrazyBumps.
Any suggestions to make it better ( And some tips too if you know, would be of great help to me ).
Being new, i hope to get nice feedback from you guys :slight_smile:


It doesn’t seem to tile. Tiling is very important for textures like stone, as they are used over large surfaces, like a wall. Tiling something like this is not particularly difficult in Photoshop if you’ve got it, and at $10 per month for PS and Lightroom, you probably should if you are into 3d graphics. Millions of “How to tile using Photoshop” tutorials are out there, but essentially, use “Offset” then plug in half your image dims to get the offset dead center. Use the clone tool etc to blend the seams, then go back and forth with offset to check your work.

Welcome to Blender Artists. Hope that helps.

One way is with someuv maping, Note it is not perfect and a touch up mass may be required (And most likely a quick render pass with a orthographic camera to recapture it). Its not a high end solution, But its nice for a quick fix.

included a crap texture with reupload.

I’m not sure how UV unwrapping a texture will help make it a better texture.

  1. Thanks for the tiling tip :slight_smile: I will surely make sure I use it the next time. The only problem is that I don’t have Photoshop so I have to rely just on open source softwares like blender. But I am sure I will find tiling videos for Gimp maybe.

  2. Thanks for the UV unwrapping tip but its sort of like a hack I guess and not every time the tiling can be solved with simple scaling and stuff. Also I don’t how how to do ’ a quick render past ’ with ’ orthographic camera '. I am just familiar with perspective views. How do we do it? :confused: I am Seriously not much familiar with most of the features.