Texturing a Basketball

How do I do this? I know basic texturing but not advanced like mapping a basketball -

I would use UV mapping with a sphere unwrap ( probably some tweaking too ) then use texture paint on your sphere object to get the lines in the right place, then save the image,…clean up in photoshop or gimp, and reload it onto your sphere.

You could use LSCM unwrap. Take a sphere of low resolution (8x8 uvsphere) and go into front view. It should be aligned to the axis. Now in editmode, select the middle line of verts and make a seam (forgot the key combo). Now go to UV faceselect mode, select all faces and do u->LSCM. In the UV editor, the image should be 2 nice circles.

Export this to an image and open in a 2d editor (like GIMP). Now make a new layer and select/fill sectors of the circles with the colours you want. Save the image and load as a texture. That should give you a basketball.

An easier way is to just select sectors of the sphere and assign them colours using 2 material indices (it’s in the manual). This uses less memory than textures and will probably look nicer.

There is a movie tutorial on lscm uvmapping that you might find useful.


The file is also avaiable on www.blenderman.org

Hope this helps,