Texturing a Brick Wall


I am a tootal noob with Blender 2.57 so please forgive if this question is stupid. I’m trying to create my first model(a castle tower) without help of a tutorial and have run into problems. When I add the image texture for the tower, I get this:

As you can see the corners are not matching up exact. This is if I specify Mapping Coordinates Object without specifying an object name. If I specify the name of my object, I get this:

What am I doing wrong? Please help. Thanks.

Hmm the images didnt post. I dunno why.


They are showing up in the reverse order to what was mentioned in the first post.

Either use generated mapping (set to Cube, works best), Global mapping (which is good for more techinically correct results easily, but really it is very similar to generated) or UV mapping. UV mapping is optimal in most cases for anything. It allowes you to completely control the mapping of the image onto the object and isn’t all that hard.

HERE is my favorite tutorial so far for UV mapping and general texturing advice.

Remember that there is hundreds of tutorials accessable straight from the Blender Website Tutorial section along with feature documentation.

Happy 2.5

Cool, Global with Cube projection worked! Thanks for all the help…ill defintely be watching that video tutorial.