Texturing a building

I want to texture a house, pictured below. I know how to mark seams and stuff but how might I texture an object such as this?

it depends on the textures you want. If you want to use bricks or a fixed dimensions texture (stones, wood planks) and keep proportions, my bet here is on vertex groups and simple uv mapping, no seams or unwrapping used. You’ll work more setting groups, but you’ll get easier uv work and more control on the model.

For example, if you want to texture the whole north side with bricks and control their size, you set uv map with U-> Project from View, taking care to have only the relevant faces selected and with the 3D view set in a orthogonal view to the faces, so you see them in their real dimensions.

You’ll get the wall projected into your texture with the correct proportions. Now you can scale it to the dimensions to fit your texture in the adequate size, so that you get n bricks height in all the walls.