Texturing a dupliverted grid

Is it possible to uv-texture a dupliverted grid? I have a grid, duplivert a plane to it. And then UV texture the plane. They all get the same piece of texture as the one who is parented to the grid.
I would like to have each plane to have its own part of the uv image, so i get a complete picture made out of all the planes. And when your grid is 32x32 it is impossible to do that by hand.
I know that i can make the dupli’s real, then ctrl-J to make 1 mesh and then texture it the right way. But i need all the planes to be seperate objects.
Any suggestions or workarounds?
Hope i made myself clear. Any help appreciated.

Thanx, Twan

Have you tried the Build Modifier, just on the Grid? You can stick a Time IPO on it too to make it run backwards.


I dont understand what you mean. How can i UV texture the dupliverts by a Build modifier.

Thanx, Twan

to be more precise: i need to texture the dupliverts not the grid itself. So every duplivert has its own piece of the image and all together form the complete image.

Thanx Twan

I meant instead of using dupliverted instances, just subdivide the Grid into the same number of faces as you would have had Planes, the use the Build Modifier. I don’t know of a way to UVMap individual Duplis as they are all the same Mesh.


Hi Kathman,

my suggestion doesn’t use dupliverts, so maybe it’s not what you’re looking for, but it gives you a grid of individual plane objects uv mapped so that the combined planes form the complete picture.

Basically the trick is to add a plane, uv map you image on it, and then subdivide it and separate the faces to individual objects.

The process goes like this:

  • add mesh > plane
  • UV map your image onto the plane
  • add a material, your image as texture, map from: uv coords
  • edit mode > select all vertices > w > subdivide multi, 31 cuts (gives you a 32x32 grid)
  • face select > select all > extrude > individual faces (that’s the trick to separate the faces!)
  • don’t move, just click to confirm
  • select > inverse, delete vertices (now you have a mesh of 32x32 individual faces)
  • select all faces, p > all loose parts (you now have 32x32 separate objects, uv mapped to different parts of the image)
  • object mode > select all of these planes > “center new” (F9 panel)Voilá! Hope this helps!

Happy Blending,

On second thought, my method might only cover the first (and easy) step - i guess you’d like to use the grid to arrange the planes, right? That seems to be quite difficult, I’ve been experimenting for a few hours now and haven’t found any way to do this (basically vertex parenting n objects to n vertices). If “make duplis real” had an option to automatically vertex parent the duplis to their respective vertices we’d be a whole lot closer to a solution.
\me thinks about hacking the source :wink: