texturing a face

Anyone know of any reasonably quick way to UV texture a face? I am currently painting in GIMP which is not quick.

Is there a more accepted way of doing things or is it just cut/paste/merge photos and / or hand paint everything?

It seems a bit awkward as looking at reference photos can make the difference between colour change and shading hard to interpret.

Are there any colour / spec / bump maps available at least for a template to work off?

Try this, it was a big help for me.

I’m trying to use maps for a more realistic face, rather than just a procedural texture for the whole thing. Thanks though.

A way to begin might be to rotate your face model so it is facing you diectly.
Open up a UV/Image editor window next to the 3D window that holds your face.
Create a new image in the UV/Editor.
Put the face in edit mode.
Press the U key and select unwrap projection from view.
Now you have UVs layout over an image. Draw on the image what you want and the unwrap will be your guide.

There are tutorials around, look them up.

I’m thinking blender newbies or even the basic manual you can get to from the Help menu.

@Atom - tutorials are difficult to find for this as the keywords cover a lot of subjects. (specular, bump, colour, map, UV texture seem to be in just about every thread in the texturing sections on here and cgtalk)

The bits which you suggested are fine - that I can do. I’m just trying to find an efficient way to produce the actual UV textures themselves.

I managed to find a good tutorial though - Ben Dansie has one on his website. Just can’t quite get the baked image to line up though…