Texturing: A good book/resource to get started.

Hello and good day to you.

I’m a programmer thinking about making 3d models for a small game I have in mind. The focus is relatively low-poly models.
The problem is that at the moment I apparently isn’t good at texturing - at making textures. Last character I made (that was quite a while ago - more than a year) is this:

This is not a Blender render, it is a screenshot of app used to display the model.
I made the model, animated it, however, as you can see aside from the rigging issue in crotch area, the biggest problem is horrible texture. The texture was made by baking several materials into textures, for example camouflage is procedural. However, it looks wrong on all accounts. Metal doesn’t look like metal, galss doesn’t look like glass, mask doesn’t look like cloth and so on. The main problem is that it doesn’t have details and as a result it doesn’t look right.

Can you recommend a good book or resource that would explain how to make decent-looking texture? I’m pretty sure that I can make a geometry of tolerable (not very terrible) quality and UVW-map it, but I’m not sure how make actual texture image.

Any advice would be appreciated.

No point wasting money SigTerm, I’m sure others will suggest the same - check out the tutorials on Blender Cookie, Blender Guru, Blender Nerd - if all else fails and you do have the money, what about the blender e-shop? :wink: