Texturing a group of vertices on one mesh.

I made a mesh of a dog demon type thing, bare in mind I’m a bit of a blender newbie. Anyway, the entire thing, asside from the eyes, is one mesh.
I want to add a different texture to JUST the horns, but I can’t figure out how to do it.
Would really appreciate it if someone could explain how it’s done.
Thanks in advance.


I would have separated horns mesh from head in a first place, like you have separate eyes. That would allow to work with two texture files and make work easier. Technically - in edit mode select all that relates to horns and press P. Same goes for teeth. Since your mesh is quite dense, have you considered a bit of sculpting to smooth some, maybe put some sculpted details on?
Nice design, anyways.

Happy blending!

No need to separate parts of your model. You can apply multiple materials/textures to a single mesh, on a the basis of selected faces.

In the Material context, click on the + button next to the Material name list at the top of the section to add a new Material slot. A Material can be defined for each slot so produced, up to 16 (not sure about that limit, though, may be more now). Each material can have its own set of Textures as well, up to 16 (again, limit??), for a total of at least 256 textures.

To assign various Materials to your model, select faces in Edit mode, go to the Materials context, select a Material from the list, the press the Assign button. Presto, new Material is applied to the selected faces. Of course, the different materials will have hard-edged boundaries due to their being assigned to groups of faces.

Thanks to both of you, huge help :slight_smile: still need to work on my texturing skills hah But I’m getting there.