Texturing a Gun

Hello I am brand new to blender I just downloaded it 2 days ago. I made this simplistic test gun to learn the basics of it.
Right now I’m trying to apply a texture to the main body of the gun. I’m following a tutorial on youtube thats telling me to make an image for the gun which I did and then make it all black, then bake it with Ambient occlusion. When i bake it, it creates this weird striped pattern all over and you can see through the model. I set the margin to 10 because thats what they said to do.

I can get the basic layout image of the gun, Im just having trouble with ambient occlusion and baking it. Should I just stick with a simpler way and forget ambient occlusion. I’m making a low poly game in Unity thats gonna be similar to the old N64, PSX fps games of the 90’s. the reason I am doing that is because I have never made a fps before and i figured that would be a good place to start.


Could you post the blend file?

I think the UV map is messed up and thusly the main culprit, but I really can’t say for certain without a .blend file.