texturing a large scene

how should i go about texturing a large scene such as this mario world 1-1 i made


Just jump right in and do it!

Or better yet, post your BLEND file on this forum ans ask someone to do it for you!

with tileable textures. through the materials texture settings. for the big bits atleast.
do you know how to use the UV map feature? you may want to map some of the textures like the stairs things.

i really havent gotten texturing down yet ive tried befor but the whole thing would only be one texture

http://download.blender.org/documentation/htmlI/ch11s06.html theres a tutorial on uv unwrapping…

as for the grass, I can try help… select the grass faces, make a seperate object out of em, press P
I think. this seperates the faces to a seperate object. then add a new material, go to the texture tab, add new, choose image, load grass tile. go to map to, write in name of grass. (for name of grass press f9 its the second box, OB:plane or whatever. ) press texface in materials so it shows on render. and hit render.

now the plane thats your grass, should be textures in grass image.

if you dont want to uv unwrap the other stuff, then you create vertex groups i think. thats how you add more than one material to the same mesh. I cant remember how tho.

Vertex groups don’t add more than one material to a mesh, you use multiple material IDs for that.

The quickest way to approach this texturing task, and this really is not that big of a scene, is to use shared mesh geometry wherever possible. That way you can texture one cube, and the texture will ripple across all cubes.

The way you make sure you are using shared mesh geometry is to select an object.
Press F9 and look in the Links and MAterials TAB.
You will see something that might say “ME:Cube” or “ME:Cube.001”.
This is the mesh that is linked to your object. Don’t confuse mesh and object. The object is where the mesh is located in space, the mesh is what the object looks like at those coordinates.
Type a new name in the ME filed. Call it something like “master_cube”.
One down and may fifty to go?
Select another object and press F9.
Click the drop down next the ME field and you will see a list of all meshes in the scene. Choose the one you just renamed “master_cube”.
Now you have two objects linked to a single mesh. But each object can have it’s own location, rotation and scale.
At this point, you can create a material for the master cube and it will be applied to all objects using the master_cube mesh.

I hope this helps. It sounds confusing, but once you get the hang of it and get your scene setup you could manage the entire game board with 5-10 materials.

thanks for the tips ill give it a try