Texturing a model i have

I’ve made a simple model to play around with on blender, and i made it all from a cube, but i’m having issues texturing parts of it to give it a bit more definition. Am i doing something wrong, or is it cause i’ve used just one mesh cube to do it all? My modeling skills are comming along, but still can’t texture for crap, and couldn’t find a topic to help me out, Thanks everyone and some day i’ll get to be on the level of some of you i’ve seen here :slight_smile:

More than one texture on a mesh.


great thanks,hopefully i can figure it all out fairly easily,i mean, i am a marine after all lol just kidding, but thanks again

If you get stuck just ask.

oh i’m sure i will,untill i get the hang of something or do it once or twice i ask alot,not sure if thats good or bad though lol