Texturing a Photo-realistic Fork


I’m trying to create a photo-realistic fork but I’m really struggling with the texturing.

I’m currently at this stage (my render on the left, the reference picture on the right)

My material node is like this:

Does anyone have any advice at how I can make the material look more photo-realistic?

Any advice is greatly appreciated

i think you need some enviroment to reflect, that is what makes a lot of the reference picture


I agree with pingking23 about the environmental effects

Plus you could also add some distortion at the bottom {where they join} tines of the fork
You can see in the reference that the surface of the fork is subtly curved {probably because of the way it is made}
Either model this, or add it as displacement or bump map

Best of luck


Fix the geometry; the deep corners look flawed and there is a dent in the outer “bow” (? near largest width of the mouthpiece). Looks slightly out of proportions, but I can’t put my finger on what.

Material; avoid using a mirrored texture. Vary everything, if just slightly. Try to match up what is actually reflected. But yeah, I agree, I think it’s the reflections/environment that is the biggest culprit.

Thank you for all the suggestions!