Texturing a race track - need help!

Hi, i posted in the news and discussions forum by accident and was told to move it here so here goes!

I have made a 3d model of the monaco grand prix circuit following a tutorial (trace around track with bezier curves, extrude with another cross section curve and convert to mesh) and now i need to texture it. I have 3 textures, a road surface, red/white striped rumble strips and a barrier, each measure 256x256.

I applied the textures by holding ALT and selecting each part of the track to select a loop, 1 for the road suface, 1 for the stripes either side and 1 for the crash barrier. however the textures are all pointing the wrong way and weirdly sized: see this picture

I need some way to make the textures appear as they should ie, the white line in the middle of the road all the way round. Im sure i did this before somehow, i just cant remember how!

if anybody can help or needs some more explaining please help!!!

Hmm i got as far as using UV textures but that doesnt seem to help either, same kinda thing happens but about a 100 times more complicated :smiley:
Any help would be great!

I’m just learning UV texturing myself, though I’m sure there’s a way to get this to work.

Im almost certain i did this before about a year ago using a tutorial which has since been removed…grrr

Aha finally found the tutorial i used before however he uses an earlier version of blender (with UV face select mode)


Does anyone know the equivalent way of achieving this in 2.48a?

Use the follow active quads UV script bundled with Blender, you get the good results after using the smart projection tool before the follow quads script.

Oh yeh that did it nicely hooray!!
thanks alot