Texturing a Round/Cylinder-like Object?

Okay, I have a little problem, I’m making a round stadium-like enviroment for a game I’m making, but when I went to make the UVs for texturing, I realised I didn’t know how to do to circular objects…

Only some of the objects have been made straight, but the other ones are going to be a problem, is there a technique for making straight UVs for circular-ish objects (e.g. the walls inside a cylinder?), if not, is there a way to make pictures sort of “wrap” around the UVs in GIMP?

Have you tried Follow Active Quads? Take one mid-sized face from circle, U unwrap and in UV editor straighten edges (w, Align x, Align Y).
Select all circle faces, make sure face you straightened is last selected, active face and U, Follow Active Quads. Pack islands.

No, I don’t even know what that is…

Any chance of a step-by-step guide or a tutorial?

Here are the steps in a short video

Follow active quad is the right way to go.
However, add some loop cuts first to have almost square quads as possible.
The only way to avoid stretching of the texture on cone like meshes.
BTW, these loopcuts can be added after follow active unwrapping.

Well, I’ve tried it, and this was the result…

What did I do wrong?

Okay, it works great now, thanks!

A few small problems, though, if I have any seams in the loop, Blender seems to cut them out completely and leave them in their original position…

Also, when I only use 1 seam to split it in half, it seems to make one side have more squares than the other, in this case, it gets 2 more…

One other thing, if I don’t select a full loop, it gives an error saying “No Active Quads are Not Selected”, is this normal? Is there a workaround?