Texturing a single face (and more...)

Hi, I have 3 problems

  1. I want to draw a cube with 4 of the faces of different colours, and the other two textured with an image (different in the two faces). Using material, I have been able to create 4 materials of different colours and assign single faces to different materials. Now I want to do the same thing assigning to the other two faces the two images. I’ve been trying a lot, but didn’t get to a solution.

  2. I want to texture with a general procedural texture (e.g. cloud) a sphere and a cube. The problem is that in the preview I see the effect I want (a texture over a color), but in the 3D viewport I don’t see the texture but only the color. In other words, I’m not able to insert a procedural texture!

  3. a question: is it possible to texture a single face with UV unwrapping?


Procedural textures are not visible in the viewport.
When you uv unwrap, uvs are given to all faces, by default it’s the whole uv space per face. If you are just adding a material to the one face then the uvs of the other faces aren’t being used anywhere so there isn’t an issues.