Texturing a smart UV project layout?

Hey all, I was wondering if there are any simple ways of texturing and full render baking a complex object that has a smart uv project layout? I made these pipes as an example, I used smart uv project to unwrap them, then opened the texture I wanted to use on them, but of course it was seam city, so then I tried baking ambient occlusion to get shadows in the correct places and merging the shadow map the the texture I used in photoshop and applied that, still it’s seam city and i’m not really sure how to work around it, any suggestions?

I’m not really sure of the look you are aiming for. To me it seems that you unwrapped the pipes using smart uv unwrap, then baked an ao map, and combined them with that gradient/texture map. It wont work because you need to unwrap it manually to match that gradient/texture map.

Alternatively you can find other ways of texturing your model procedurally or using texture painting in blender to have that gradient texture use the smart unwrapped uvs. Then you can combine your textures better in photoshop