Texturing a terrain (slope or altitude)


Its possible to texture with different bitmaps a terrain based on:

  • altitude criterion
  • slope criterion?
    For example, I want to have other texture on lower altitude, then a blend with a second texture and finaly only the second texture on high altitude. And, the same question for the SLOPE criterion.

(like in Terragen, Vue, Bryce, Mojo etc)



it exist a T-terrain plugin, somewhere which provides a height/slope control over textures.


BWF script creates not only landscapes but extracts from a landscape sub-meshes based on height/slope controls which can be taxtured separately from original mesh


Thank you very much!

You can do the first with blend textures and stencils, but I don’t know how you could do the other without doing it by hand, or with a script of some sort.