Texturing A Window(glass)

I am trying to create a texture for a window. Does anyone know a good setup for this, or know of a tutorial that talks about it?


wow i was jsut playing with glass on there today for the first time.

here we go make a drinking glass shapein blender. then use spin to make the glass.

i edit mode hit f5

add a new texture.

set the col to
r= 0.748
g= o.723
b= 0.471

turn the alpha down a little bit.

set the shader to oren-naser
ref= 0.37
rough= 1.5

select shadow and tra shaddow with the cook torr method.

spec 0.8
hard 361
select radio

translucnecy 0.71
amb= 0.76

emit 0.1

the select mirror transp

turn on ray mirror
ray mir = 0.58
fresnel= 1.1
fac = 1.9

click z transp

ior = 1.52

depth 10
fresnel= 1.45
fac = 1.2

spectra = 0.401
add = 1.00


down load this.Place the wood texture in your desktop and palce the blend file in a folder on your desktop called textures.