Texturing an archway

Hi folks,
I’m trying to texture an archway for a game that should look about like this.
The problem that I’m facing is the round corner. Is there a way to texture this with a seamless square texture or will I have to create a texture just for this individual polygon shape?
Does someone know a tutorial or could show me how to do it?

Here is my blend file.
arc_texturing.blend (601 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Check the attached file. I’ve redone your uv’s.
Added a new bricks texture. Although, It’s not perfect, i just wanted to show you how to do it. Tweak it to your liking and use a high resolution texture for bricks. Don’t forget to align the brick mortar on all 4 sides.

Thanks for the effort, that was really fast :slight_smile:
The arch looks great from the inside.
I guess I’ll have to use a brick texture with more irregular stone sizes to make the distortion look less strong.

It is better if you create your own brick textures. It is very easy. Search google for some tutorials.