Texturing an environment, need some help please

So, I have a fully modeled environment, however, I need to texture this. My environment is made of a couple meshes, put together, so each object needs to have many different textures. I have a few ideas in my head of how to approach this, however, I’ve never textured something like this and would really like some advice on how to do this. So I need different textures for different things, like brick, stone, metal, the whatnot. These things also need multiple texture maps, like one for the color, another for color, spec, whatnot. My first idea is to approach this by making different materials for different parts, with the layered images, however, in order to see how my texture is aligned, I’d have to do a preview render. So in other words, it seems like it would be difficult to align my texture correctly. Another option would be to uv map the texture, using multiple UV maps, however, I don’t know how to use multiple UV maps. I’m kindof lost, and would really love any help or advice you could give me!

Ok, so I finally figured out how to use multiple UV maps on a single mesh, and it’s pretty easy, I can’t believe I missed it, but here’s my gameplan.

  1. I select the polygons that I’m going to texture.
  2. Create a new material for them.
  3. Create a new uv map for them using project from view
  4. Then scale, move around, adjust uv map until the texture looks right
  5. Then I can on my material, load the different texture layers such as the bump and whatnot.



I assume the environment in question is the street corner around the “sacred bean” coffee shop?
Since much of the unwrapping will consist of architechture, I’d suggest to try “Unwrap (smart projections)” from the unwrap menu. It’s the former archimap unwrapping script and may save some time compared to unwrapping all faces from view. I’m looking forward to updates, happy (un)wrapping…