texturing an extruded curve in blender

I need to texture a extruded curve, I know that i need to convert it into a mesh, but when i did that my curve became into a rare mesh; something like this:
And its very dificult to texture it

there is another way yo convert a curve into a mesh… thats my little question


Before converting your curve into a mesh, in the edit menu’s Curve and Surface panel, click 3D. Then, in Object Mode, press Alt+C to convert your curve.

Just a tip from another Noob.
/ Mats

Yes I already did it but it lost the front and back surfaces, and thats the faces that I need to texture… :S

If you have the mesh as you show it, then you should be able to select it and go into uv face select - make sure you select all the faces, then hit ‘u’ and then choose ‘project from view’ and you’ll see the mesh lined up in the uv image editor. you can then select all the uv’s there and scale up/rotate,etc to line it up to your texture image. Be sure to load up the same image in your material’s texture channels, and set it to ‘uv’ instead of ‘orco’. The triangles shown are because the curve is filling the easiest way possible for the profile you’ve made at the resolution you’ve set - a work around would be to subdivide a plane many times and proportional edit tool it to get it to fit the same shape, but with quads. I’m sure there are other techniques you might find as well.

Good luck!!

Those tight tri’s are because the conversion to mesh takes the curve’s resolution for the number of Verts to create. In F9, Curve and Surface tab, you can set the DefResolU (Default Resolution along U) lower. Since it’s extruded you can also set the V Resolution in Edit mode in the Curve Tools tab.

Or you may want to Retopo a Mesh with Quads onto the mesh you created from the curve.