Texturing and 3d Modeling

I’m still a new 3d artist though i have most the basics down and my last two models came out fine however looking at certain models in games such as Granado Espada and Magna Carta which have incredible artwork I think I have realized that their models are far less detailed than the ones i have made in the past even though I have used Excessive Normal Mapping. I have also realized that in a lot of other posts my poly count is at least double of what I see and do not look half as great as some of the things I see here. Is it possible that Texturing in general is the main contribute to this. Games like Granado Espada When the levels are loading the untextured models are noticeable and they seem incredibly plain however once the Textures are loaded completly they look spectacular. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Good texturing (and helped by good normal mapping to increase the feeling of details andcomplexity without increasing polycount) can obviously lead into amazing results.

Give a look to the big low poly modelling thread at Polycount to see how much good texturing can make even very low poly models very impressive visually.