Texturing and Bezier curve

I am using 2.45 and wanted to repeat an old tutorial called the Run Away Mine Car. I used a Bezier curve to make my track rails and dup the frame successfully. I can color or add texture to the rails however when I go to render the wood ties and support beans render but the rails don’t. Any ideas from anyone on what I might need to do or am doing wrong.
I would appreciate any help on this.

How exactly are you making the rails from duplifames? If you are are using dupliframes, they might not be comlete until you get to the last frame.

If you are using dupliverts, then they would be composed on the first frame.

I can’t be sure, but there is also the possibility that you have curves that don’t have a bevel object. I say this because I can add a material to a straight bezier curve, but without a bevel object defined for the extrusion the curve cannot be seen even with the material assignment.

To add a bevel object to your curve, create another curve object like a curve circle or the like and name it in the original curve’s bevel object tab.