Texturing and lines

2 questions:
1: How do I hide the lines? Like, showing the what the model would look like without all those lines? I don’t know how to explain this…:frowning:
2: How do I import textures from my files into Blender? (outside textures right?)
As you can see I’m still a beginner, and I’d appreciate any help.

if you’re talking about the grid, then you turn it off by pressing n to open up your properties panel in the 3d view, scroll down to display and uncheck grid and x and y.

Sorry, I got everything wrong XD.
I was talking about the edges.
Like looking at the finished result.

As I already said I want to hide all the lines on the model, like “cleaning” it.
Get it?

I want help!

oops, nevermind.
Sorry for being so stupid.
But i still need help with texturing, and I have a new problem:
How do I add a new edge without extruding?