Texturing and modeling

Hello guys i wanted to recreat this bottle i really find it attractive please can you tell me how can we model that bottom part + the red texture in the bottle?
thanks you so much.

This is a somekind of weird questionā€¦ the form of the bottom part of the bottle has to be modeled like the top partā€¦ by pushing verticesā€¦ and the textureā€¦ ??? The material is glassā€¦ so you have to research something about glass shaderā€¦ and specific IORā€¦

There are also no hidden parts because glass isā€¦ transparentā€¦ so you have to take a look atā€¦ any bottleā€¦

This is no rant or somethingā€¦ maybe you had to be more precise about your actual problemā€¦ but this just bewilders meā€¦ i mean ther is for example this:

and othersā€¦

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You need to extrude up and scale down the bottom?

and to add, make sure to use Proportional editingā€¦

and be careful with your Solidify ( probably a better idea to model by hand and not use it since the bottom needs to be a thicker glass than the restā€¦)

Or you could just model with Vertices, adding a Screw Modifier with a Subdivision surfaceā€¦


Addition to the above: after hitting G Z to lift via proportional editing, you may not see the ā€œforce fieldā€ of the action. Just start scrolling (in or out, I never know lol). But you will see the radius size changing up top :grin:

but it have some weird details on it i wanna know how to make that

Those grip indentions to be able to rotate the bottle on the assembly lineā€¦ grep some faces on the bottom and extrude/scale/rotateā€¦ ā† yeahā€¦ thatā€™s the essence of modellingā€¦ locating and pushing the correct vertices aroundā€¦