texturing blackhawk helicopter

i made a blackhawk helicopter that we r currently trying to composite into a live action movie, but i wanted to add more realism into the helicopter, so it needs a texture, but i only have a little knowledge about texturing, im trying to use photos though so that it matches real life, anybody have any idea how?

i did this ages ago and found that unless you are shooting in close up you can get away with alot (especially if you have bad weather, hint, hint).
I used a stretched noise texture with a bit of nor for bumpy metal surface (they are rarely flat) with riviets (dont know if black hawk is assembled that way) and used decal-ing of smaller maps. The warning signs and various stripes etc.
You do this by making the texture follow an object, in this case an empty. This empty is then parented to the master model, so that it follows it around corectly. Or you could do a UV map from projection but that is way more fiddly.