texturing/coloring only part of an object

I asked this before but no one would answer me and the thread just… dissappeared but I still have the problem. How do I texture or color just a certain part of an object, say just one face instead of the whole object?

Hmmm, that sounds like having multiple textures on the same object. You have to add a second material to the mesh, and then assign it to the right vertices. I’d send you a screenshot but im at school.

Put your mesh in object edit mode (TAB).
The object must be a mesh, not an extruded text object or curve.
Press the A key to deselect all verticies.
Press CTRL-TAB-3 to select fave select mode. Or click on the icon in the 3d viewport (looks like a triangle, not the red one).
Right click on a face to select it.
Press F9 to activate the editing panel in the buttons window.
Under Link and Materials you will see 1 Mat 1. Click the new button below.
Now it says 2 Mat 2.
Click the Assign Button.
Click F5 to activate the materials section for this object.
You will also see 2 Mat 2 on this screen as well.
Change the color from grey to red and only that selected face will change.
You can exit object editing mode if you like.
Click on the left arrow next to 2 Mat 2 and it will change to 2 mat 1.
You now have another color chip that will apply to all other faces in the mesh.
Pick blue and look around at your object.

It will be all blue except for the faces you selected and assigned to the second material ID, which should be red (if you selected red as your color).

Thank you soooo much! Now I just need someone to please tell me how to texture different parts of the same object… I will try to figure out on my own but I doubt I’ll get it. Again, thanks!