texturing contest

because i suck at texturing and i wonder if someone might try to help me with a small car model i made
a racing car
for what type of game?
think long and fast tracks that i also need to have textures for :-?
how long? 1 week

i’m selfish :stuck_out_tongue:

but it’s a good way to have some GREAT ideas and textures for the same model( top 5 texturs go on the player and the 4 AI opponents )

for the track i’ll be able to use standard textures

if anyone wants to join post ur e-mail( or a free web hoster :stuck_out_tongue: )
so i can send the model blend to you

if you think the model needs some adjustments be my guest
then i might even get 5 different cars :wink:

E-mail it to me, so I can host it for everybody for free, with unlimited bandwidth.

send me the model my email is [email protected]
i’ll try to0 make some descent textures…

list of competitors( for now ):

Thanks for the file. Here it is: www.ikx.no/r2blend/files/car.blend.

I probably won’t win; I just thought it would be a fun challenge. :stuck_out_tongue:

thnx for the hosting 8)

and it doesn’t matter if you don’t win :stuck_out_tongue: you’ll always be better then me

time for me to start training with texturing and time to dload THE GIMP

so i can enter the contest as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm, I just looked at the model, and, well, I don’t think it is suitable for this contest.

why not it’s only a game model
and if it is to high poly( wich i doubt )
i’ll make another model
it’s done in half an hour( or less )

It’s too smoothed out. Try one like this example that is easier to texture. The example I made is not textured, but it is easier to texture.

EDIT: I know, my model sucks.

i’ll try to modify it but i want it to look smooth
ok i’ll send the low-poly version to you r2blend
and friedbrain? ask if you want low poly as well

btw there aren’t to many ppl joining :stuck_out_tongue:

Soulless ,I’ll texture both if you want, so send me the low poly mod


and r2blend i’ve tried to make it less smoothed see if you like it

Allright. Here is the new model: www.ikx.no/r2blend/files/car-low-poly.blend.

is it right this time?

No, not really. I am not at a computer with blender right now, and besides, I have no car textures. Could you give me some?

?shouldn’t you make the textures yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

check your mail Soulless

omg :soulless’s jaw drops open: :o

i didn’t even think reflecting in game engine worked :o ( nvm that now i see how you did it.
It actually looks like it reflects you used ( let’s call it a shader as in quake 3)

  1. i like it a lot exactly the style i wanted it to be( are you going to do the wheels? )

and i don’t have any uv-unwrappers i’m still waiting for 3.34 for a good unwrapping tool( i haven’t used any unwrappers yet anyhow )

I did textured the wheels, are you using 2.33 , if your using version 2.25
for some reason the texture for the wheels don’t show up :frowning: :<

i’m using 2.33

and did you pack the wheel textures as well?