Texturing duplicated with UV from original

I have several objects that i made from a single one. They were duplicated by the shift+D command.

I applied a material to each one, because i didn’t know how to apply a material to all of them at once (please tell me).

Now i UV-Unwrapped one object, and defined a texture for it, with the uv coordinates. But all the others loosed their material, and instead they have very little versions of my uv image repeated over them. Why?

I’d certainly like to texture all of them at once. But they lack of uv seams, so they can’t heritage the uv-image, can they?

( a secondary question: can i make two groups from one duplicates group? )

When you copy an object you also copy the material it uses to the new object. If you change the material on the original object it also affects the others that use that material, but since you haven’t UV unwrapped the copy, the coordinates will be all wrong. The make the material set only for the new or original object press the number next to the material name and select make single user.
You need to understand how blender uses the concept of datablocks http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Manual/Data_System/Datablocks
About Materials http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Manual/Materials

Thanks. I’ll study.

I meant the UV worked for the original, but the duplicates get modified in a wrong way. So, i plan to make them again, after applying the UV to the original :o)

I’ll check the links now.

you can also do Alt-D instead of Shift-D. Alt-D creates a linked duplicate so any changes you make to one will be copied on the linked objects.