Texturing environment/model alteration/two animations

(Note: I posted this job on guru.com. I’ve edited it slightly here because a couple aspects changed slightly. If you search “modeling/animation project” you can see this project proposal along with my credentials and history of payment for these types of projects. Even if you’re not a member of guru, you can see my name’s “Jeffrey” and I’ve paid $8,544 for 5-6 freelance projects)

I have a small animated short film project that I need several things done. If your expertise is not in EVERY one of these areas, I am willing to subdivide the work for qualified people.

  1. I need two models altered (one model needs a slight change and the other needs some moderate reworking). I will provide both the models and a reference sketch for the alterations. The models are textured already.

  2. I have an environment (bombed out city street) that needs texturing. The environment is complete but it’s completely blank. Will provide reference pics for the general aesthetic I’m looking for. In addition, the environment needs several pieces like older vehicles, etc removed and 6-7 objects (which I will provide) added to the scene.

  3. I need two small animations created. Both animations might be two seconds in length, at most. I need the animations to be set up to work with different models.

I work on a Mac and do not have access to such things as bvhacker to adjust bvh files to work on Blender. From your expertise, if you have a way for me to immediately download and use bvh files without needing something like bvhacker, then I’ll be interested. Dealing with rigging issues that crop up is NOT my field of expertise and I’d prefer to avoid the headache. Please inquire with examples of your work.

Frankly, I’m not exactly sure what the budget for something like this would run. I know what ready-made models cost and ready-made animations, but not custom stuff. That being said, I have a budget above $20, so I’m certainly not trying to short-change anybody either. Basically, it’s negotiable. Will happily pay with Paypal for your work. Thanks in advance for your attention.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their portfolios. There really are some talented folks around here.:slight_smile: I anticipate having more stuff to get done that I can’t do, and I look forward to finding creative, talented people here to help out.