Texturing Faces

In Blender Im making an object with lots of faces.
I’m trying to texture them(no image textures) but in the blender game engine it only shows the one for them all.
Most of the faces are ment to be gray. So I made a material and texture thats gray. Other faces I want to be another colour so I select them in edit mode and texture them the other colour. When I press F12 it renders them nicely, but in the game engine when I press P it has everything gray.

May be a lighting problem. Drop us a blend and we’ll take a look.

Will do but first. The colour of the material shows up but not the texture colour.
So for example, when I use a cloud texture it dosent show Just the colour of the material.

Since Ive only recently joined this site, this being my first time uploading a file, it seems to load forever.
Is this normal?

Try PasteAll if you have trouble uploading here.

How do I use that? Once I upload the file it just lets me download it.

On no wait now I understand-
Its just a simple test model gun that I want to have different colour textures. The one I uploaded has a gray material, with a cloud texture not working, and I want to know how to make other faces have different materials.
Also, would like to now why my cloud texture isnt showing, just the material colour.