texturing flagstones (cubes) marbled


can someone point me to a tutorial or name some blender keywords for
texturing flagstones with a marbled look (only the top surface matters to me).
I have a scene with ~30 flagstones (scaled cubes with a bit space between them) and don’t want to texture each one manualy.
When I use one material with one texture for all flagstone they all look the same - I want some randomness to get a more realistic look.

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tried the material repository. http://matrep.parastudios.de/index.php?action=view&material=171-marble

I have a disturbingly identical problem to the OP - with 450 blocks needing marble textures.

I can’t see any way to add the same texture to all of them at once, aside from merging them all to one object then applying the texture. This way repeats the texture too much, and leaves the marble pattern unbroken on different blocks - it really looks like someone just sawed some gaps in the same block of marble rather than being completely different blocks.

The material repository is nice, thank for the hint.

Adding the same texture to all object is stated here:

If you find a way to randomize the texture for each cube so the pattern looks different on each cube please let me know.

Thanks for the link - exactly what I wanted (nearly)

To solve the other problem, it should be trivial if anyone can write a script. You’d just need to randomise a new X / Y texture offset for each block. You could probably do it manually too, but it would be tedious.

we should define between textures and materials… texture insinuates UV mapped image, material uses just blender inbuilt texture generator.

how about, you create a couple of similar materials, select faces at random, using random select, and apply 1 texture to that material group. another to the other group. eventually youre gonna end up with something that looks random ?

perhaps you should have textured the tiles first, then distributed them randomly…
see my brick thread, perhaps we are trying to do something similar.

texture that you transfert to another obejct remains the same

one way would be to use a script to give each texture some ramdomness

but don’t remember if there is a script to do this

may be ask the question in python forum

someone could come upt with a script for this !

happy blendering