Texturing FPS Room

Im trying to texture a fps room but when i apply the texture it sets to the outside of the box. How do i change this so the texture is inside the box, where i want it for my new fps creation?

You go into edit mode, select all faces then ctrl+n to recalculate normals. Every face has a normal, a face’s normal is the direction in which the face points.

You can swap a face’s normal by selecting the face > w > flip normals, allthough in your case of a room ctrl+n will probably get the job done.

If you want the texture to face inward, use ctrl+shift+n instead of ctrl+n.

or you could push Ctrl f then a menu pops up then push face mode set then two sided

I would be careful with this option - it sometimes gets in the way of some of blender’s more useful functions. Like renderbaking. If one side of the face is light, and the other is dark, what is a poor computer supposed to do?

Also, setting things to twosided effectively doubles your geometry for that object. It’s worth using it only when it counts.

Two-sided can also be a problem in third-person games if your character is on one side of the wall and the camera is on the other.