texturing freckles on human skin

Here’s my attempt at texturing the (im)perfections that make human skin in 3d “perfect”. Trying for a freckled skin. Somehow the black and white renders appeal to me more than the color ones. I can’t seem to get rid of the pinkish highlights. I wanted to convince myself that maybe she spent too much time under the sun, but i don’t think that’s working very well. :slight_smile:

Somehow this thing is not letting me display the images so here’s the url:


using 3 textures on one material

cloud tex 1
noise size .4
noiseDepth 2

cloud tex freckles
noise size 0.01
noiseDepth 2

cloud tex 3
noise size 1.3
noiseDepth 6

all hard noise

spec 0, hard 97, sptr .18, add .34,
ref .9, alpha 1, emit .23, amb .35

rgb material .65 .62 .51
rgb tex1 .69 .45 .46
rgb tex2 .51 .27 .28
rgb tex3 .85 .56 .52

traceable + shadow on

render shadows, osa 8

lights 2 lamps left and back 1 sun in front, e= 1, 1, 1.1

More to come…


Texture on the shoulders is stretched severly.

Hey that looks quite nice! Maybe a few freckles less…

Looks nice. But he/she looks a bit sick, try making less of those dots and make it look more wet. Like add more spec and hardness.

Nice job.


The grey pictures are more realistic because they only show the shadowed and enlighted areas. With colors, the skin looks a bit weird because it has got too much colors in random areas( pink, yellow, brown…). You should put black the colormap wich give a pink color to the skin and set the COL value to ~0.3.

In summary, play with black & white colors of your textures to give them more regularities( I don’t know what is the right word :expressionless: )

Anyway, it’s a cool WIP so keep working on !!!

When trying to achive a particular effect it’s always better to first go a little crazy with it, which you have done. :smiley: So, now the patchy skin and freckle effect is too strong.

What you need to do next is to pull this back into normalcy. Perhaps reducing the COL effect of the various textures till they blend into a more cohesive whole. This way the detailed irregularities will still be seen in close ups, but will disappear in mid/far shots.

Good luck with your further experiments.


Hi everyone,

Thanks a lot for all of your feedback.

Here’s an update on the skin


I took it to an opposite extreme this time.
Made use of the skin tut from blendermania mag with different layers, etc.


she looks like a leapord(i cant spell it but its a cat that kills things and stuff lol)

I think the first was better…
The first is one of more realistic I0ve never seen, while the second is more “artificial”…

It’s look really cool!

The first one was definatly better, no question. And to be honest the streatching on the shoulders made them look larger in that area as they do with freckled people. This was accurate. You should always check reference when reproducing anything in art, go insane with reference.


Can you control the size and where the feckles populate, if you could it would be a very nice shader indeed, you should try it in conjunction with BgDM’s procedural skin he posted in the finished projects folder and see what kind of result you get.

Anywayz, i really liked the first pic, i think you should go with that!!! :slight_smile:

Nice model as well, is it yours?


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Yes, the first on is definatly better, for the reasons mentioned above. I also find that I am less freckled on the undersides of my arms for some strange reason.

If that model is yours, can you post a link to it? I’m learning human modeling, and I would be nice to study a good model.

Keep up the good work!


Which model??? Do you mean that image? If so thats just a jpg i found on google searching for freckles. I did post a wire and shaded shot of a female head im working on on someone elses post here around the same time, do you mean that one?


Blend on, and blend well!!!

I wasn’t even talking to you Bapsis. %|
I was talking to B-Headed


Is that real?

and yeah, the second image looks like a really dirty tanned girl. If you like having sex with dirty girls, that’ll be the favourite.