Texturing Game Character

ive made this low poly game character, but i dont know where to begin to texture it! i mean i looked up about Texturing things with Blender using the uv editor…but how do i go about making the textures i need?

im at a real impass. Im trying to make something at least remotely of the kingdom hearts series in terms of textures, ive seen people do it before, i just havnt the slightest idea of how they make those textures! i mean
heres an example of what im talkin about :

that looks great! thats amazing! i want to know, how to do that, whatever it takes thats what im doin! So please if anyone can at the least point me in the right direction. ill appriciate it.

Just load your UVs in Photoshop or GIMP and start painting. Look at what your target looks like and then make it look like that. That’s all there is to it. Then you can have people look at it and give critique, but until then, “you can’t edit nothing”.

This probably isn’t the advice you’re looking for, but just trying something and seeing how it works out is half of what 3D about.

heck ill take it! I mean when i look at the header of this forum, and see that airship micro26 made, i just cant feel but so insignificant, that i must learn more, and keep going, but i just dont know where to start!

But ill work on it…

HerroSaze, you may be interested in these two articles:

I was at your stage just a few weeks ago, These two tutorials gave me the basis for a breakthrough and now I texturing day in, day out. :slight_smile:

mkay, but how do i go about acutally MAKING textures? from scratch i mean? iin those tutorials they used textures that were already made, i wanna know the actual process of how game textures are made.

Ben Regimbal has a whole bunch of step-by-step progress images on the bottom of this page.

With the tuts I linked, they are using image textures so it
s very realistic, and you don’t need to do any actual texture creation ever, but if you still want to paint your own textures, this should get you on your way: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=373024

mkay ive been studyin tthe resources youve given me guys, and this is what i have so far, working form scratch.



it looks pretty decent, but now id like to add some detail, like around the eye area, it looks very bare, and im not sure what tecniques i should be using, or what to make them POP out more if you catch my meaning, so please suggestions.