Texturing: Glob, Orco, Stick etc. buttons ?!

I’m little lost with texturing at the moment. I created a texture with 2d image editor and tried to use it for creating skin for my 3d-pig. I’m trying to do basic texturing (creating material & adding texture). I got a pretty good result, but I’m not 100% happy with it:

In some parts of the model the texture is stretched. How can I avoid that? I’ve played with Glob/Orco/Stick/Win/etc settings, but I just cant get a result I want. I don’t quite understan these settings, are there any tutorials about the subject.


Sorry, but on a complex object like a pig, you’re going to have to UV map the sucker. None of the basic mapping functions will do what you need without stretching.

Just in case, check out this great mapping tutorial:


If you decide to UV map, you can do the tutorial in the Blender 2 guide (if you have it) or take a look at:


It’s not a tutorial, but contains the only discussion I could find on here so far about uv mapping tutorials.

Damn pig. I new it would cause trouble. :smiley:

Thanks! I’ll try with UV-mapping…

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