Texturing Help On An Orchid

This is my second experiment with UV mapping, texturing and lighting to try and make one nice item. The first experiment did not work out, but this is better. Personally, I enjoy modeling and have put off texturing for the last… four plus years:o. literally, I have. Get me to model a gun, person, car, spaceship, dragon, room, abstract art or a bird (I even modeled my own school) and I will gladly do it. Texturing has been a bumpy road for me.

The lighting set up in this model are arrays of lights. You can see that with the jagged shadows, but I am thinking of blurring those in Photoshop. The gray sheet the flower is on is too small, and I have enlarged it so that it vanishes into the darkness. I’ll render out a fixed up version tonight if I get the time.

I have Ambient Occlusion on, OSA 16 and I made up a subsurf scattering node setup (second picture) which I followed off of some websites. I had to use curves so that it would not be completely black. I do not know if this was a good idea, for, honestly, I really have no idea what I am doing when it comes to textures and color and rendering.

So, as a person who has minimal expertise in texturing, can someone give me a heads up? I have learned Blender on my own, so there may be whole sections of Blender I have not heard of yet that could help me.


I wish I knew more about nodes, but one piece of advice I can give you for something like an orchid, is, use the minnaert shader, and turn the ‘dark’ slider down below center. This gives a diffuse shading effect that works well with flowers and some other stuff.

I have been rendering and trying out things that I never really got to work before, so I have been busy learning.

Here is the picture now


It is looking good there buddy,
I think blender is a type of software that you can be told what buttons do what, but in the end you have to just get in there and push buttons and adjust values and do test renders,
alot of time tutorials try to teach theory reather that recipies,
although Blender art mag is working on a material node recipie cook book,
cant wait for that