Texturing help

I am in the process of making a wolf-human like mesh. A wolf standing on two legs with leather/cloth clothes. I have never really attempted to add heavy texturing to a mesh.

Does anyone have some advice on how to add color/texture to mesh? I have tried but i cant get anything that looks real.

If there are any tutorials anyone suggests please post.

Any help is much appreciated.

Maybe you find something here: (Its my favorite site)
There are lots of good textures. But with uv-mapping, i can’ t help, sorry.

Thanks, that seems like a good site.

Im still not sure what to do though. Does every part of a mesh become textured or do use blenders rgb/texturing?

Even with textures i cant get a good real look to it. Are there any tutorials, preferably video tutorials on this?


Thanks, thats a good website. But i still have that one question, do you color everything with out of blender textures or do you use the RGB and inner blender textures?

Also, are there any good UV mapping tutorials anyone reccomends?