Texturing help

I’m new with textures and, confuse as to witch one to use since blender offers many ways to do it. this model is of a hotel in a toon stile that eventually I’m planning to use in an old west town animation. What would be a good way of texturing? are there any tutorials that can help me decide witch way to go? can somebody give any advice of what to do?

What version are you using?

I’m using Blender 2.5. The hole idea is for me to learn the hole pipe from modeling to animation. I know it will take me a lot of time, but I’m already working in the town, I have a couple of buildings that I’m redesigning to look sub-realistic.

In that case, I think you’d have fun with doing UV mapping and projection painting or a combination of painting and mapping images. Take a look at Blender Cookie. There are some nice tutorials on mapping and painting.

I would start by first breaking the building down into logical separate objects and then within each object I would consider multiple UV maps.

The way painting works is you have to create a UV map for the parts you want to paint. Do this in edit mode and assign an image to that map in the UV Image editor.

Take a look at this for additional information that might be useful:


Thanks a lot I will take your advice and post my progress as soon as I have it.