Texturing in Blender For UE4

Hello all,

I need a little help =)

I have been learning blender and UE4 the past two weeks and having a blast with blender, I was thrilled when I created my first semi-compex model last week. I didn’t think I was able to learn and I did!

Then…came the time to learn about texturing and unwrapping…
I am Really having a hard time getting the hang of things.
Basicly I was wondering if there was a tutorial anywhere that specifically talks about creating a texture for use in unreal engine 4 for use with its material editor.

A little backround on my model and what I am trying to do:
I made a mushroom for my first model. What I want to achive is to apply the texture from a mushroom picture I found online to the cap of the mushroom as well as a couple other textures for the stem and underbelly. Then in UE4 have different materials for each part of the texture, so that i can make the top of the mushroom more glossy and the stem less glossy.

So far almost all tutorials talking about texturing an object really only talk about for use in cycles not exporting for games and such. Any help is appreciated, thanks!