Texturing in GE

Im a newb at blender GE kind of i made some simple things but nothing to good i was wondering how to apply textures to objects?

in object mode, right click on object. Select Face Select Mode. in UV/Image Editor window, load image. enjoy.

But i cant right click in object mode

lol, you my friend need to get some of the basic modelling interface down first. Its a must before tackling the game aspects of blender. The learning curve is about a week or two to get a good feel for it. Make sure you pour over the noob to pro wiki. It will be your best friend for a bit.

ok, maybe a pic is worth a thousand words. In the 3D View window, select the cube. Then go into Face Select mode (above object, edit, etc modes). It will turn white in your view. Then, in your UV/Image Editor, use the selector to load an image from memory, or Image->Open. When the image displays in the UV/Image Editor, it will be textured in your 3D view. that is all you have to do for the Game Engine.:eyebrowlift2:


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LOL i was playing around and found it out thanks a lot.