Texturing Is Confusing Me.

I’ve watched the tutorials and I’m trying to texture an object, mark seams with edge select doesn’t seem to work for me so I end up marking seams in face mode, in face mode the whole model is showing the material when I select it not just the selected portions and the object won’t render as textured or show correctly in textured view. Am I supposed to use texture paint after I place the object over the material because I’m just leaving them as is, I want to experiment more but I’m stuck on doing it this way because I don’t know if it is correct or not :eek: :smiley: :confused:

If you aren’t able to select edges in Edge Edit mode and Mark Seams then you got
a serious problem. Either you’re not doing it correctly or there is a problem with
your Blender installation.

I suggest if you want better help you post every little detail that’s possible.

One way to get around the problem with adding a seam is to use “Smart UV Project” option to unwrap object. Blender will cut it up and unwrap it for you.

As for unwrapping, go to edge mode, hit [A] key to unselect all edges, select an edge, hot key [Ctrl] + [E], select “Mark Seam.”

Ok. I’ve gotten around that part, I was forgetting to mark seam before I unwrap but now I have a problem with when I texture something portions of the object that I seperated from the object being textured are being textured too, that isn’t a bug is it? I tried to link a pic but the feature isn’t working.

When you reply you have to go in Advanced Mode and then click on Manage Attachments. Then you should be able to upload an image and attach it to your post.

The manage attachments feature isn’t working either, I am also having a hard time with rendering, when I render the whole object shows untextured with no lighting, even the unselected objects, I have appended the object file to a new scene but not the mesh file :smiley: