texturing is my NIGHTAMRE

Hi!I am a beginner with blender… today, I finished the first model i am really proud of, its a plane, a MIG 9 FRAGO euhhh I did not had a picture because I dont know how… :-? but thats not my real problem… each time I try to texture a model, it scrap it!!! :< for my plane it gives a plastic look that i dont like but id ont know how to make my plane look REAL… I can put a toon effect but this is not what I want… could you give me some advices so my texture do not have a cartoon look… and please can you explain me how to show picture on the forum…

frist when you render go to file and save image ie plane.jpg or any other format then go to imageshack.us and load you picutre from there it will tell you how to do it. textureing is really hard most thing i can tell you is toy around with and and look for tuts

To make the texture less plastic like, go to the material editor (F5) and in the shaders tab drag the specularity down. Also play around with different lamps and their energy.

Good luck

When you;ve reached the point that you are happy with your model you have to indeed go on towards texturing the thing… This is a whole new world… Ther’s lot’s of tuts here on texturing but it’s very important to understand the theory too … otherwise you might get lost along the way … I suggest that after finding out the basics of orco and UV texturing you also check out the link in my sig wich is about texturing. It’s very complete and a must for everyone…


ummmhh i see i will do some tuts before starting to texture y plane… and thank you vaccine0101 for the website!!! now I think that I my picture will display on the screen… so here is my plane shaded
hum I dont know if you see it lol and here is my plane with the texture…
and finaly, with the toon effect
I know , I have a lot ofwork to do… and I wish it will look nice, one day lol

Well maybe you’ve got a long way to do realistic (as in photoreal) texturing. I can relate - I’m a long long long way myself.

However, your toon shaded plane is great. I really like it.


Doesn’t look too bad indeed for one of the first tries…

Looks good for a first try, about texturing, just keep working at it and you’ll get the hang of it.

Don’t forget the lighting! That’s the most important thing, IMHO. The plastic look also comes from the single lamp that casts no shadows. A plane in air will receive light from everywhere. so a bit of AO and a lice large area light from above could do the trick.

thanks for the comments! I will try to ad some image as texture,bump map and specular map too. because this one was only made with the procedural texture… and an other questions, do you know a website with a lot of texture???

nico, I put some AO to my scene but I dont see the differece,why? how should I set the parameters to have a nice effect??

How many samples do you use?
Do you have raytracing on?

AO uses Raytracing so click the ray button in the render buttons.

The problem is NOT with your textures. The problem lies in your MATERIAL settings. Change the material to match the look of the metal skin of the aircraft. The should look ok after that. Also make you pit bubble transparent like glass.

woa lol I have a lot of work to do! so for the moment I will forget my plane and I will concetrate my efforts on the texturing…But I have an other little question lol does blender have an unwarping tool? for the UV texture

hi cani

good start with the planes. I found this section of the Blender docs very helpful about materials: