texturing knowlege needed

I’m trying to get a grasp of texturing (applying UV’s and then actually applying the material/texture to faces) for my job, but I’m having trouble .

I’ve got a plane with a road texture on it (asphalt…white line…the usual). I can get the texture on the plane…I can then “U” the plane and check the layout in the UV editor. All the while seeing feedback in my 3D window…yet when I Render the scene those uv’s do not render out. The plane has the asphalt texture applied but not properly uv’d as shown in the 3D window. Is there another step involved?

Second Question
I’ve got a scene with textures and materials set up. How do I grab individual faces and apply a material to it? I can change the material on an individual object but not faces. NOW the Real confusion part. The scene I’m working on is a game scene. The process I detailed above for the plane does not work in this scene. When I adjust uv’s nothing happens at all. Any ideas

Hi, in order to see your UV texture in the render, you have to load it onto your material as an image texture. So go to your materials button for the UV mapped object, and if it has no material, add one. Then go to textures buttons and add a new texture of type ‘image’. Still in textures buttons, load the image that you have UV mapped your object to. Now go back to materials buttons, and change mapping from ‘orco’ ( the default ) to ‘UV’. Now you should see the image texture in the render.
To your other question, there are two ways. If you want to do a certain face, or faces, then the way is to make multiple material indices for your object. Making a new material index is much the same as making a vertex group. So, check the wiki or the online docs for material indices. The other way utilizes nodes, and is explained in a tutorial which you can link to from my sig, and allows for finer control, and blending of materials.

Thank you very much.
things are going much smoother now

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